Insuring your luxury items for the holiday season

The holiday season is almost upon us and with it comes the prospect of travelling, beach holidays and, unfortunately, increased crime rates. This is why it is crucial that you double-check all your insurance policies before you leave to go on holiday and, more importantly, that you ensure that you have insured all your luxury items. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to fully relax and unwind while you're on holiday, knowing that in case of emergencies, you are properly covered.

For your luxury items at home:

Before you leave to go on holiday, it's important to review your home insurance policy, to ensure that all your personal possessions at home, especially your luxury items- such as Persian carpets, TVs, clothes and furniture are fully covered by the policy you have in theĀ  case of a burglary, or natural disaster such as flooding or fire.

Your car and boat:

Before your holiday road trip starts, it is extremely important that you check on your car insurance and make sure that your policy covers accidental and intentional damage, towing services, medical services in the case of an accident and free car hire. If you're travelling but leaving your car at home, it's important to ensure that it is insured against theft and fires.

Don't forget your boat or jet ski: and before you make your way to the water, you will need to speak to your insurance provider about getting watercraft insurance which will cover your boat (water toys?) should something happen during transportation or out at sea.

Your luxury portable possessions:

When it comes to insuring luxury possessions - especially during the holiday season - people often overlook the personal possessions they take with them when they travel, such as expensive handbags, smartphones, tablets, cameras and jewellery. These items can be misplaced, lost or stolen while on holiday and as such it is crucial that you speak to your insurance about getting a portable possessions policy to cover these items. If you already have a portable possessions policy, remember to review the policy to ensure that all the items you're taking on holiday with you are insured for the correct amount.

By speaking to your insurer or insurance broker about getting the correct cover for your luxury items, and double-checking that your existing policies fully cover you - you can enjoy peace of mind this holiday season.

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15 Nov 2019
Author Lisa
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