Greening Your Garden

A balanced home is necessary for your health and well-being, and nothing makes a bigger impact than harmonising your garden and house. We've listed some of the essential steps you can take to transform your home into a sustainable paradise. 

Turn your kitchen waste into a resource

You will make a huge impact by reducing the amount of waste heading to the landfill every week by creating a simple composting system. Using a Bokashi bin, worm farm or Yolo composter, you can turn your homes green waste into a natural plant fertilizer and beneficial soil additive. Use organic kitchen scraps, grass cuttings, and collected leaves to create healthy organic material for your garden. 

Conserve and recycle water

Conserving the water used in your garden starts as simply as only watering during the early morning or late afternoon to avoid over 50% loss that occurs during the heat of the day. If you use organic and natural cleaning products, diverting your grey-water into the garden is a great double-use technique, and of course, harvesting rainwater from your roof is one of the most effective ways to manage water use. 

Protect your family, pets and plants from harmful chemicals

Firstly choosing plants that are indigenous to the area you live helps to ensure they don't require excessive support to fight insects and pests. Companion planting with natural pest-control plants goes a long way towards unwanted bugs and build a solid ecosystem in your garden. Should you need to give some extra support to affected plants, use natural and organic insect repellents, that won't harm any children, pets or beneficial pollinators that frequent your garden. 

Grow edible plants, for your health

Growing edible plants in your own garden goes much further than food security or helping the environment, there are significant health benefits to you and your family too. Whether you simply start with a kitchen herb garden or go the full-forest route and add vegetables and fruit-bearing trees to your space, by controlling the environment, nutrients you use and the care your plants get, you will receive enormous health benefits from plants grown with your attention. 

The most important aspect of environmental awareness is being conscious of the impact you have and the actions you can take to make a positive influence. And remember the power of the 4 R's; Reduce, recycle, reuse and rebuy. Check out this article for more helpful tips;
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27 Nov 2018
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